Christmas is coming. Okay, not just yet; you’ve still got time. But there’s nothing quite like being prepared in advanced to make the season relaxing. What will your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, and best friend ask for this year? If it’s a vaporizer or accessories for an existing model, here’s the place to visit: Vapornation. Theirs is the premier American online vape store and for many good reasons.

Selling Top Brands

Vapornation carries the best brands of vaporizers available. They’ve got Storz & Bickel, Atmos, 7th Floor, Arizer, and Vapir among many others. If a brand is unknown or unproven, or perhaps they have proven to be unworthy, Vapornation doesn’t carry that name.

All Types of Vaporizers

They list several categories of vaporizers; all types in fact. There are portable and, more specifically, pen-style vapes. Or buy a desktop vaporizer. What materials do you or your gift recipients plan to use? One of them or a mixture? Vapornation carries herbal, wax, oil, e-liquid, and 3-in-1 or dual-purpose machines.


Find all of the little extras to go with a vaporizer, the things that make it more fun or convenient like water attachments and chargers for traveling. Explore replacement parts such as new batteries, atomizers, and cleaning materials; balloon bags and valves.


Not everything on the website comes at a price. Firstly, there is the educational portal where a series of “frequently asked questions” are answered in the form of articles. They cover all sorts of topics including convection versus conduction heating. Besides articles, there are also videos showing how to operate a device. A member of the Vapornation team kindly demonstrates how to fill and operate an item. Furthermore, you can use links on the website to reach other Vapornation customers and staff on social media or contact support staff for more information. Sometimes, reviews underneath products are educational too.


So far, everything I mentioned above represents hundreds of products and links. They must be presented professionally in order to be of any use to the customer, and they are. Vapornation splits their site up into several categories: vaporizers with sub-headings for types of units; major brands so customers can search by name, accessories, education, and more.

Selection Process

The company also acknowledges that it can be difficult to figure out which device is best suited to a client’s needs. Providing additional filters makes this as simple a process as you will find anywhere. There are already filters above, including those brand names I already mentioned and several more. Add to this a pricing filter which enables one to determine available products based on his or her budget. Then there are sub-headings for assisted delivery and direct-inhalation-style. For more information about those, remember the education portal above. It’s all in there.

A really great selection tool, though, allows you to type in details and Vapornation will find a product or series of products fitting your criteria. Their program does the sorting, leading vapers to, say, a handheld herbal vaporizer costing no more than $150 or a desktop machine that handles concentrates and is priced below $300.

Vapornation Product Listings

Once you get to products, there are still more descriptors. Vapornation makes it so easy for their clients to choose an item. The first thing you see next to a picture is a series of symbols for the material or materials one can fill with, whether it’s a desktop or portable unit, heating time, average star reviews, and warranty. Below that is a list of items found in the kit and a price plus optional extras with the price next to those too. Underneath all of this is a more detailed description plus a video demonstration if you wish to watch it. Click reviews and comments by past customers will appear with the date it was posted beside the item.

More about Vapornation

If you have spent any time looking at vapor stores online, one thing becomes obvious right away: pricing here is fantastic. How do they manage that? Vapornation is a major retailer of many brands listed here, sometimes the chief retailer, but always authorized. Their buying position enables Vapornation to secure excellent prices and pass these on. Believe it or not, there is a way to save even more, like up to 10% off, check out They also operate out of a warehouse, not a store, keeping prices low. You enjoy free shipping with no minimum order, receive cash-back for use at Vapornation, and have the privilege of supporting an American company.