The e-cig business has seen a lot of changes, but some things have stayed reassuringly the same. One of these is the ongoing presence of Smokeless Image, the company behind Volt e-cigs and some of the best-value starter kits around. Get to know their products and decide for yourself if Smokeless Image has what you are looking for.

Smokeless Image E-Cig Review

The first thing most people will notice about the Volt is, it’s vibrant, even electric design. That lightning bolt has become a recognizable symbol in the e-cig community. You might forget the name “Smokeless Image” but probably not the name “Volt.” This was an excellent choice and clearly, aligns vaping with an entirely new way of delivering nicotine without burning ash.

Products at Smokeless Image

The company is focusing on the Volt and still sells a version of the MVP, but they are getting rid of the latter device in the coming months. Maybe this is to make room for their version of the MVP 3.0, or perhaps they don’t plan to sell either one. Joyetech’s AIO has joined the Smokeless Image line-up plus several new e-juices to go with their blank cartomizers.

Volt Starter Kits

These are well-priced kits starting at $13.95, going only as high as $29.95. New vapers can find all they need in one of these sets and will also find that replacements are good value. Even if you obtain a coupon code for another brand, it might not be as affordable in the long run as the Volt and compatible cartomizers. That is where a lot of the money goes; into replacing prefilled cartridges or buying blanks to fill with e-juice. Smokeless Image makes the whole package completely affordable including new batteries in loads of colors. Buy five cartomizers at a time for $5.95 including 555 sweet tobacco, Country Tobacco, Ice Menthol, Chocolate, and Cappuccino. I actually found a site to save 10% at, to make it even more appealing and easy to buy.

Accessories for these kits include a marvelous Portable Charging Case (PCC) which is both a carry case and a recharging station for your batteries. This is one of the best-priced cases of its kind. Order a separate case, and extra chargers to keep wherever you go with your electronic cigarettes.

E Liquid at Smokeless Image

This is where a lot of people are first introduced to the exceptional NicQuid E Juice which was among the first companies in the USA to provide products from made from approved ingredients in a regulated lab; long before the FDA dipped their oar in the vapor. NicQuid e-juices are available here and off-site. There is also a trio of new e-liquids sold in glass bottles with high levels of vegetable glycerin. La Costa tastes like a prickly pear mojito; Desert Sun is styled after citrus gummy candy, and both of them are sold in 60-ml bottles for $26.

Cinna-Goo is very special, priced $14.95 for 30 ml. Buy yours with 0, 6, or 12 mg of nicotine and a part of the profits will go to supporting 4 Paws for Ability. Cinna-Goo will make you think of a warm, gooey cinnamon bun.

One Closing Comment

I love the products at Smokeless Image; how unpretentious and simple everything is, and the fact that I can find beginner or intermediate products (the AIO is easy to use but not “advanced”). It’s not the place to find box mods, but you have American brands like Volcano, VaporFi, and Halo for that. The only thing I’m not happy about is that I can’t find a couple of links I want. One is an “about us” or a “bio” page which would tell me more about Smokeless Image. The other is a FAQ page telling me if the trio of e-juices above is made in the USA if they are made by NicQuid, Smokeless Image, or someone else. There isn’t adequate information about their own e-juices as found in the pre-filled cartridges. Is the e-liquid US-made? Otherwise, this is a good place to start, and Smokeless Image is an American company.