Vape World is the ideal site to browse for your next vaporizer or vaping accessories. Because they stock products from a wide range of manufacturers including all the top brand names, you can easily choose between Innokin, Kanger, or indeed any other brand-name vaporizers all in one place. Customer service is key to Vape World, and they offer free shipping on orders over $48, a price-match guarantee should you find products cheaper elsewhere and 24-hour customer support in the event you have any queries about your order or the products themselves once they have arrived.

Vape World Products

Vape World sells all kinds of vaporizers, from simple vape pens and electronic cigarettes for beginners or those who like to vape on the go, to desktop vaporizers for vapers who are looking for maximum strength and flavor from their vapor.

A regular top-seller when it comes to the desktop vaporizers is the Volcano, aptly named for its innovative cone-shaped design. The Volcano doesn’t come cheap on the Vape World site where it retails for around $380 — but there is no doubting the quality of this vaporizer. It uses an innovative system that pumps in fresh air which is then heated to the appropriate temperature needed for vaporization of your choice of an aromatic blend or essential oil — the accurate temperature controls allow you to choose any temperature between 266°F and 446°F. The heated air then passes over your fuel, creating a smooth yet powerful vapor which fills a balloon by a method of forced air. Once this balloon is filled with vapor, you simply remove it and enjoy your inhalation.

While this is a surefire way of enjoying a powerful vapor, the Volcano is not a device for vaping newbies, especially as it is expensive and can be a bit fiddly to use when you first get started. However, experienced vapers will love the strength and flavor of the vapor produced by the Volcano.

Vape Pens and Electronic Cigarettes

There are also plenty of vape pens on sale at Vape World for those who are just getting started with vaping or for those who prefer the ease and portability of these simple devices to get their vapor hit. The G Pen Elite is one of the top-rated Vape pens on the Vape World site; while it is a little bulkier than most vape pens, it does offer a lot more options for controlling and adjusting your vaping experience. Push buttons allow you to adjust the temperature while the ceramic heating chamber ensures that all your e-liquid is vaporized for a fuller and more enjoyable flavor.

Vapers who are as interested in style as well as the technology specs may want to splash out around $200 on the G Pen Elite designed by Phil Frost, the New York street artist. The G Pen Elite package also comes with a matching carry case.

Accessories and Spare Parts

Vape World also stocks a wide range of spare parts for your vaporizers, the replacement of which can help to extend the life of your device and save you having to buy a new vape pen or mod. These include spare batteries and atomizers, but the site also sells more complex parts for those vapers who like to build or customize their own devices as well as some of the specialist tools they might need to do so. Accessories on sale at Vape World include carry cases to keep your device safe and clean when you are carrying it in your pocket or bag, as well as wide selection of aromatic blends for use in desktop vaporizers and other larger devices, such as Green Tea, Lavender, and Chamomile.

Selling the top-rated and best selling devices often means that the vaporizers on sale at Vape World are among the more expensive models. However, the company’s price-match guarantee means that if you find the same product cheaper on another site, Vape World will match it. All you need to do is include the link to the listing when you order. In addition, it is worth checking vaping websites to see if you can find a coupon for Vape World or a promo code, which you also enter when you order, as this can result in significant savings when buying the larger devices or if you are bulk-buying aromatic blends to keep you and your vaping buddies stocked up for the next few months.